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Low Height Weight

Capacity - 5 Tonne 200 Tonne

Stroke - 50 MM TO 250 MM

Type Of Ram - PLAIN

Designed with Hard anodized surface, the aluminium hydraulic cylinders has the capacity of lifting up to 2.000 Tn. The mechanical end of stroke gland avoids excessive travel at full pressure. It has considerably reduced weight to allow easy operation, even with high tonnage cylinders.

General purpose

Capacity - 5 Tonne 200 Tonne

Stroke - 50 MM TO 250 MM

Type Of Ram - PLAIN

Also known as a linear hydraulic motor, a general purpose hydraulic cylinder is a mechanical actuator, used to give a unidirectional force through a unidirectional stroke. It consists of a cylinder barrel, in which a piston connected to a rod, moves back and forth.

Single Acting

Capacity - 5 Tonne 200 Tonne

Stroke - 50 MM TO 250 MM

Type Of Ram - SCREWED

The single acting cylinders pressurize the fluid from only one side of the cylinder during both the processes, i.e the expansion and the retraction. A spring can be used to return the cylinder back to its original position that is, when pressure of the fluid is cut off.

Pancake Lock Nut

Capacity - 60 Tonne 500 Tonne

Stroke - 45 MM TO 50 MM

Type Of Ram - SCREWED

The Lock nut comes with a screwed Ram. The capacity varying from 60 Tonne 500 Tonne can lead to a 45 MM TO 50 MM stroke. It holds the load mechanically for long periods of time. It has a built-in tilting saddle and a special coating to improve the side load resistance and corrosion.

Double Acting

Capacity - 5 Tonne 2000 Tonne

Stroke - 50 MM TO 300 MM

Type Of Ram - PLAIN

The double acting cylinders exert pressure from the fluid, in both the directions. A single cylinder consisting springs cannot be used in large stroke applications due to the inherent mechanical problems associated with the spring. The double acting rods are of two types, i.e Single rod ended and Double rod ended.

Hollow Plunger

Capacity - 10 Tonne 100 Tonne

Stroke - 50 MM TO 150 MM

Type Of Ram - HOLLOW

The Hollow Piston rod design permits both, pull and push forces. A hollow saddle fitted to the rod is supplied as standard. Its distinct features include, rust resistance, seamless finish, precise design and dimensions

Double Hollow

Capacity - 10 Tonne 500 Tonne

Stroke - 100 MM TO 300 MM

Type Of Ram - HOLLOW

The hollow piston allows a rod to be inserted through the entire length. When longer stroke cylinders are required, the double acting design proofs to be an apt tool with its speed of operation. It can be used for intensifying, load testing, bush extracting and maintenance applications.ewd

Double Screwed Ram

Capacity - 50 Tonne 1000 Tonne

Stroke - 150 MM TO 300 MM

Type Of Ram - THREADED

As the name suggests, the Ram is threaded and it holds a 50 Tonne 1000 Tonne capacity that can lead to a 150 MM TO 300 MM Stroke.


Single & Two Stage Pumps

A one-stage pump has a single pressure flow rate. It can be attached to a crankshaft or PTO shaft in a basic tractor or large industrial engine whereas, a Two-stage pump is generally mounted on small petrol or diesel engines.

Two Stage Hand Pumps

A hydraulic hand pump is widely used for functions like, Filling, actuation, pressure testing, hydro-test and a variety of other tasks. No air or electricity is required. Pumping a handle can generate a pressure in a volume per stroke. If you don’t want to generate high pressure, the load will be low.


Hydraulic Pullers

Capacity - 20/30/50/100 Tones

Hydraulic pullers are used to remove bearings and couplings, I.e the shaft-fitted parts. Pullers use a regulated hydraulic force in an effective way to quickly separate the parts. It ensures zero damage to the parts, which is essential when performing maintenance activities.